Darkness Is Coming Fast: Proposal To Legally Silence Christians & Conservatives And To Label Christians As White Supremacists, Endorsed And Presented By 14 U.S. Democrat House Representatives To Biden Transition Team

A 28 page document sent as a proposal to the Biden transition team by Secular Democrats of America, and endorsed by at least 14 Democrat House of Representatives members that suggests laws and rules be made to force conservative Christians into silence based on their religious beliefs, remove ‘In God We Trust’ from U.S. currency, rescind President Trump’s protections of religious liberties, Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and much, much more.

The document is embedded at the bottom of this article and should be shown to every single person that denies there is an outright war against Christians right here in the united States of America.

This should also be shown to anyone that thinks censoring conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, is just a right wing talking point.

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