COVID MEDIA COVERAGE: from big risk of virus to low risk of vaccines


How things change when you’re selling a vaccine not a virus. (The only common factor is the lie)


One striking aspect of the anti-Covid19 “vaccination safety” data from the outset is the absence of any columns of figures, as such. As a bloke who spent three decades immersed in such things, call me wacky, but I tend to expect tables. Quoting the UK position, one site called ‘newsexplainer’ answers the question thus:

‘Although some have questioned whether the vaccines have led to deaths, none have been directly attributed to a COVID-19 jab’

This is patently untrue: myriad death stories have appeared (even in the MSM) so whether they’re true or not, saying ‘none’ is bizarre. In turn, ‘some’ is a tad vague: none means nought (but it’s wrong) and ‘some’ is any number you want it to be above none. Or nought. It’s not so much an answer as an evasion. Here’s another example in the context of long-term safety:

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