COVID-19 delta plus variant could require MORE vaccines, says Pfizer board member

Scott Gottlieb said on Monday, Oct. 18, that the new delta plus variant (AY.4) of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) could require more booster shots.

According to Gottlieb’s Twitter post, the delta plus variant may have “partial immune evasion,” which was cited as a reason for people needing booster shots during the delta variant panic earlier in this year.


The former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner and current Pfizer board member added that the delta plus variant has been recorded in the U.K. since July and it has been slowly increasing in prevalence.


It remains to be seen if it’s more transmissible, but Gottlieb emphasized the importance of quickly characterizing AY.4 and other new coronavirus variants. (Related: FDA staffers undecided on Covid booster shots due to lack of data.)

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