City workers express concerns about mandate

The move makes San Francisco the first major American city to require all its employees to be vaccinated. Of course, many people who work for the city are outraged by the mandate. Even those who are willing to get the vaccine themselves take issue with the ethics of such a mandate and worry about where it could lead.

Roger Marenco, the president of Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, who represents Muni workers, told local CBS affiliate KPIX 5: “So we are in favor of anybody and everybody being vaccinated. However, we are not in favor of forced, mandatory vaccines, whether that be due to personal beliefs, religious beliefs, political beliefs, health issues, safety issues, whatever the case may be.”

He added that they had not received any guidelines from the city.

The Vice President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, San Francisco Police Sgt. Tracy McCray, said that terminating someone over this was extreme. Meanwhile, the union representing city firefighters is consulting with employment lawyers to learn more about their options.

Although the city claims it wants to protect people from the risks of COVID-19, what about the risks of the COVID-19 vaccines? Deadly blood clots, heart problems and antibody-dependent enhancement are just a few of the problems they could be subjecting their employees to, and the idea that an employer can take away people’s right to make choices about their own health in America is unconscionable.

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