Chinese Officials Raid Home of Children in a Christian Homeschool Co-Op

A Christian homeschool co-op, part of Early Rain Covenant Church, a Christian church that also hosts schools and other educational sessions, was raided by the Chinese government.

According to CBN News, Education bureau administrators, national security officials, police officers, and urban management agents surrounded the home. The information comes from a Facebook post by Pray For Early Rain Covenant Church, which states the raid happened at 7AM on January 14, 2020.

The Facebook post states, “Urgent prayer request: At 7:00 this morning, a large group of police officers, education bureau officials, national security officers, and urban management officers surrounded a home where homeschooled children of Early Rain Covenant Church were playing together. The police are now raiding the home. There are a large number of police officers outside and inside of brother Liang Huali and Sister Shu Qiong’s home, and they are currently removing brother Liang’s personal belongings. Please pray!”

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