Chinese aircraft simulated an attack on the US aircraft carrier during a training exercise

During exercises in the air defense zone of Taiwan, Chinese aircraft simulated an attack on a nearby American aircraft carrier, the Financial Times newspaper reports, citing intelligence data from the United States and its allies.

Interlocutors of the publication, familiar with the intelligence, said that the incident occurred on January 23, three days after the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden. According to them, on this day, the People’s Liberation Army of China sent 11 aircraft to the southwestern part of the air defense zone of Taiwan and 15 – the next day.

According to the sources, the bombers and several fighters involved in the maneuvers “used a group of American ships led by the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the same area as a simulated target,” the newspaper writes. According to people familiar with US and allied intelligence, the pilots of Chinese Xian H-6 jet bombers confirmed orders about the target and the alleged launch of an anti-ship missile at the aircraft carrier.

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