China proposes WHO investigate other countries instead

Beijing has submitted a counter-proposal to the WHO’s plan to investigate COVID-19’s origin for the second time. According to the communist country’s proposal, the WHO should move its investigation out of China.

Zeng said scientists should look for evidence of animal-to-human transmission of viruses in other countries that also had early COVID-19 cases. If the WHO were to accept this proposal, it would effectively block off any possible investigations centered around China.

Zeng also insisted that the WHO should investigate the U.S. military laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Fort Detrick is home to America’s biological defense program, as well as other military medical research facilities.

China claims that Fort Detrick is a more plausible origin of the COVID-19 virus than the WIV. One spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry said a probe into the workings of Fort Detrick is long overdue and called for the U.S. to provide answers to the international community.

The White House has said there are no credible reasons for a probe to be conducted in Fort Detrick. The entire scientific community has declined to support China’s counter-theory.

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