CBS calls for VIOLENCE against the unvaccinated, urges jabbed people to punch them in the face

James Corden of The Late Late Show has a solution for dealing with people who resist Chinese Virus injections: punch them in the face.

During a recent opener on the CBS program, Corden mocked Americans who would rather not alter their DNA with mRNA, saying that they should no longer be offered junk food or cash prizes as an incentive. Instead, the non-jabbed need a “knuckle sandwich” to get them to comply.

While ranting in his monologue, Corden started asking his presumed audience (or laugh track?) and team to come up with new ideas about how to force compliance with the plandemic agenda. Ian Karmel, the co-head writer of The Late Late Show, was then heard shouting out:

“The only thing we should offer people who don’t want the vaccine is a knuckle sandwich.”

A few minutes prior, Corden was going off about how upset he is that tens of millions of Americans are thwarting Beijing Biden’s plan to have 70 percent of America injected by the Fourth of July.

“Vaccination rates in the United States have started to decline,” Corden whined.

“Which means we’re on pace to fall just short of President [sic] Biden’s goal of having seventy percent of the country partially vaccinated by the fourth of July. Biden could end up just shy of his goal by three percent. See? This is exactly why you don’t set goals.”

Corden went on to “joke” that if free food from Shake Shack is not enough to bribe Americans into getting jabbed, “well, I’m afraid nothing will.”