Shocking executive order signed by Tennessee’s GOP governor authorizes quarantines, involuntary internment for COVID enforced by National Guard

Up to now during the COVID-19 pandemic, most Republican governors opted to protect the rights and individual freedoms of their citizens and against imposing top-down lockdowns and mandates that robbed people of liberties and their ability to decide for themselves, as Americans, what their own best courses of action would be in terms of self-isolation, getting a vaccine, socially distancing, or wearing a mask.

But there have been some notable exceptions, and one of them is Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee.

Lee quietly signed an executive order recently that authorizes the Tennessee National Guard and Tennessee State Guard to implement involuntary commitments of citizens as well as quarantines “in connection with certain health care emergency services operations.” Lee noted in the order he was specifically concerned with “an increase in COVID-19 cases.”

According to an influential state conservative group, Tennessee Stands, Lee signed the order, No. 83, on Friday “with little fanfare.”


The conservative group highlighted some provisions of the order it found “exceptionally concerning,” to include:

  • “Discretion to utilize National Guard and State Guard members in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations.”
  • “Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted.”
  • “Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed.”

For naysayers who said some years ago that “FEMA camps” to house malcontents the government found troublesome, well, it is executive actions like this one that feed into such stories and such concerns. Note again the portion of Lee’s order authorizing “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed.”

Camps, in other words, that would be manned with armed troops with orders, no doubt, to shoot to kill anyone who tried to escape or break in.

Former Fox News journalist Todd Starnes noted that many people reacted with disbelief.

“Wow! The guard will be utilized? Involuntary commitment? And construction of quarantine and isolation facilities? Thought all of that was just a silly conspiracy theory,” one person wrote on social media.

“The pieces add up to a very scary picture!! People need to wake up,” another concerned citizen noted. “I would like to know the specific scenarios and situations that would need to take place in order for these actions to be implemented. They are too open ended and vague which leads to open door interpretation and neglected use which would not work in our best interests. We need to demand specificity.”

At the very least.

Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is sounding the alarm as well:

The vast majority of (oblivious) Americans have dismissed all this as a “conspiracy theory,” and now they’re shocked and frightened by the realization that covid internment camps are being actively deployed across America.

On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, which authorizes National Guard and State Guard troops to break into peoples’ homes, kidnap them at gunpoint, and take them to covid internment camps, all without any due process or respect for civil rights. Individuals can be targeted for this medical kidnapping by armed troops via “telephone assessments,” and the medical kidnapping of American citizens is being labeled “involuntary commitment” to “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”

In other words, FEMA-style concentration camps are here, and covid is the excuse for mass arrests and executions of Americans.

Americans need to wake up and understand that this virus, which was developed by the Chinese specifically to unleash on the world and ruin Donald Trump’s reelection, has been seized upon by tyrants in both political parties to grab and hold onto power in ways never before imagined.

The human tendency throughout our history on earth has been the opposite of American-style republican government; it’s been tyranny and authoritarianism.

The fact that even American leaders are becoming tyrants during the pandemic shouldn’t surprise anyone; they are human, too.

Sources include:


Protesters Vandalize L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s Home After He Signs Anti-Camping Law Targeting Homeless Encampments

Protesters showed up at the home of Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti on Thursday night hours after he signed a new anti-camping law that prohibits people from pitching tents near homeless shelters, daycare centers, schools, under- and overpasses, freeways, libraries, and parks.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the action started peacefully at about 7:30 p.m. with about 50 demonstrators. Hours later, officers in riot gear were reportedly deployed to disperse the crowd.

“No one was in danger. Our role last night was to facilitate a peaceful protest and make sure that everyone’s First Amendment rights were protected,” said LAPD Lt. Rex Ingram, per CBSLA. “Unfortunately around midnight, they were a little bit loud and boisterous, and were getting a little out of hand, and that’s why we decided to give them a dispersal order.”

Police made no arrests and said there were no confrontations.

According to CBSLA, “some damage was left to the property, including vulgar graffiti on the outer pillars that were covered up with paper to be cleaned up later Friday morning.” Lt. Ingram told the outlet there was also “a bunch of toilet paper on the trees” and that a felony vandalism investigation was underway.


Damage also included broken windows, a report broadcast on KFI radio said.


NIAID, Moderna Had COVID Vaccine Candidate in December 2019

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked


  • Moderna, together with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), sent mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on December 12, 2019 — raising significant red flags
  • The providers agreed to transfer “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna” to the university’s investigator and was signed by Ralph Baric
  • Baric pioneered techniques for genetically manipulating coronaviruses, which became a major focus for research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)
  • Baric worked closely with WIV’s Shi Zhengli, Ph.D., on research using genetic engineering to create a “new bat SARS-like virus … that can jump directly from its bat hosts to humans”
  • Serious questions need to be answered, including: Were Moderna, NIAID and Baric aware that COVID-19 was circulating in mid-December 2019, or did they have knowledge far before that such a vaccine would soon be in demand?

So much has happened over the past year that it may be hard to remember what life was like pre-COVID. But let’s flash back to December 2019, when the idea of social distancing, compulsory masking and lockdowns would have been met with disbelief and outrage by most Americans.

At that time, most were blissfully unaware of the pandemic that would change the world in the next few months. It wasn’t until December 31, 2019, that the COVID-19 outbreak was first reported from Wuhan, China,1 and at this point it was only referred to as cases of viral pneumonia, not a novel coronavirus.2 I say “most” because it seems some people may have been aware of something lurking much earlier than it appeared.

In confidential documents3 revealed by the U.K.’s Daily Expose, Moderna, together with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), sent mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill December 12, 2019 — raising significant red flags. As The Daily Expose reported:4

“What did Moderna [and NIAID] know that we didn’t? In 2019 there was not any singular coronavirus posing a threat to humanity which would warrant a vaccine, and evidence suggests there hasn’t been a singular coronavirus posing a threat to humanity throughout 2020 and 2021 either.”

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Genetic sequencing science breakthrough just proved that measles “outbreaks” are caused by the measles vaccine 03/06/2019 / By Mike Adams / Comments

The entire fear mongering campaign surrounding measles outbreaks in the United States centers around a “big lie” that’s pushed by vaccine propagandists. All measles outbreaks, they falsely claim, are due solely to unvaccinated children. Thus, the answer to outbreaks is more vaccines, they say.

But a science paper published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, entitled, “Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR,” has discovered something that vaccine fanatics don’t want the public to know. As it turns out, a large number of measles outbreaks are actually “vaccine reactions” from the measles vaccine itself (MMR vaccines).

“During measles outbreaks, it is important to be able to rapidly distinguish between measles cases and vaccine reactions to avoid unnecessary outbreak response measures such as case isolation and contact investigations,” the study authors write. “We have developed a real-time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) method specific for genotype A measles virus (MeV) (MeVA RT-quantitative PCR [RT-qPCR]) that can identify measles vaccine strains rapidly, with high throughput, and without the need for sequencing to determine the genotype.”

With the help of this breakthrough science on genetic sequencing, these researchers have stumbled onto something the CDC is desperately trying to make sure the American public never learns. (Keep reading, below…)

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Canadian soldier who spoke at anti-lockdown rally, against COVID-19 vaccine charged with mutiny

A member of the Canadian Armed Forces has been charged with mutiny for speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccine and urging colleagues not to help with vaccine distribution.

Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi has been charged with one count of persuading another person to join in a mutiny and one count of behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming of an officer, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

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Haredi party chiefs: Jewish state in danger if wicked Bennett succeeds Netanyahu

In assault on PM-designate, Litzman says Yamina leader should remove his kippa, Deri says he’ll ‘destroy Shabbat, conversion, kashrut’; Bennett dismisses ‘hysterical outburst’

In a joint press conference Tuesday afternoon, the heads of the Haredi political parties Shas and United Torah Judaism launched a stunning assault on the leader of the Yamina party and prime minister-designate, Naftali Bennett.

With the so-called change government set to be sworn in on Sunday and the ultra-Orthodox headed for the opposition, Haredi leaders branded Bennett as “wicked” and claimed his new government’s policies would endanger the Jewish state.

Bennett, who is set to become Israel’s first Orthodox prime minister, dismissed the attack as embarrassing and unhinged, a “hysterical outburst,” and vowed he would safeguard religious life in the country.

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The Fall of Chile

I moved to Santiago, Chile during the Obama years: 2012, to be exact. I believed, as did many others, that the real financial reckoning was still to come, that race relations would worsen (bullseye there and then some!!), and that other countries were better prospects as havens for individual freedoms than a U.S. in decline. While we looked at several places (New Zealand, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama), we kept returning to Chile because of the first world infrastructure of its major cities, its gringo-friendliness, its strong economy, and its political stability. I promoted Chile as such. (Go here and here; be amused.)

Libertarians in particular were soon investing in a planned community, Galt’s Gulch Chile, buying tracts of land to be developed. The first sign that GGC had gone off the rails was here. To this day I am grateful I got cold feet and refused to involve myself with what was either a scam from the get-go or the misguided idealism of the clueless. Whatever the original intent, the Libs couldn’t keep it from turning into a scam when one of their own turned out to be a grade-A sociopath. (Uh, anarchists: nuisance though it is, and full of scammers in its own right, we kinda need at least limited government as our only means of dealing with “private” scam artists and preventing as many disputes as possible from turning into shooting matches.)

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CFR Fears ‘American Democracy’ May Be ‘Doomed’ By Populism

The Council on Foreign Relations is afraid that “American democracy” (aka rule by unelected oligarchs) may be “doomed” by the populist forces that Trump’s presidency has unleashed.

The top article on the CFR’s website over the weekend was a piece from Yascha Mounk titled, “After Trump, Is American Democracy Doomed by Populism?”

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