A Bubble Of Hope And A Time To Prepare

This prophecy speaks of a time in which a bubble of hope in the economy will exist, but it will be short lived.  However, in that brief span of time there will be opportunities for Godly people to make the necessary financial adjustments to protect their wealth.  But it will NOT be a time to take on anymore debt.  If anything all debt should be eliminated, if possible.  This has already been fulfilled in the few years after the 2008 crash and is now past as the world economic crash is nigh upon us.

Edit (2020-09-17): I’m considering this as fulfilled at this point given recent events.  If something later on proves that to be incorrect, I will update the status again.

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Strong storms and at least two confirmed tornadoes caused extensive damage to several areas of north Georgia overnight.

© Mitchell A A possible tornado caused extensive damage in Coweta County.

At least one person died in Coweta County after a violent tornado, which officials said was at least an EF-2, hit Newnan.


Another tornado was confirmed in Polk County, although officials have not said what strength it was.

The storms left trees toppled on homes, buildings destroyed and power out across metro Atlanta. Several school districts canceled classes or delayed starting this morning.

We have crews across north Georgia that were hit the hardest by storms. Live coverage throughout the day on Channel 2 Action News.

At least five people were killed in Alabama when tornadoes moved through Thursday afternoon.

Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Brad Nitz says there are multiple reports of structural damage in Newnan and Coweta County. Heard, Bartow and Polk counties are also reporting structural damage.

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12:58 p.m.

Gov. Brian Kemp says he will visit Coweta County tomorrow to survey the damage

Tomorrow, I’ll visit Coweta County to survey the damage from last night’s storms and offer state aid to the local community,” Kemp said. “We continue to pray for the families who are facing tragic loss of life in Georgia and neighboring states.”

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There Will Be An Increase In Lawlessness

There Will Be An Increase In Lawlessness

feb. 27, 2021

In this time period towards the end, the degree of lawlessness in the world will skyrocket, people will disregard the rule of law and crime will become rampant like never before in history, and this will be a global phenomenon rather than a localized one.

Supporting Verses: 2 Timothy 3:1-7

Proofs and Fulfillments: (41) This is a list of all known proofs of past, present or potential future fulfillment of this prophecy.

Illinois Now The First State In America To Completely Eliminate Cash Bail

CA lawmakers introduce bill to protect pedophiles who sexually abuse kids

Antifa thugs gang up on journalist, pepper spray him, jab him with umbrellas, kick and shove him down.

2 immigrants, a pastor, and a US Army sergeant convicted for marriage/immigration scheme

Pedophile Cop Gets 12 Years for Running Horrifying Child Porn Network That Included Infants

18 Signs That The Social Decay In America Is Worse Than It Has Ever Been Before

Project Veritas: Bernie Sanders Staffer Dreams of Slaying MSNBC Hosts

James O’Keefe on Twitter: “BREAKING: Bernie Staffer Kyle Jurek “I’m an Anarcho-c…

WATCH: Wild Brawl Breaks Out at New York Mall on Christmas Eve

Former NSA Director Cooperating With Probe of Trump-Russia Investigation

Massive MS-13 bust: 96 members charged in gang takedown

New York’s ‘Green Light Law’ Going Into Effect – Allows Illegal Immigrants to Get Dri…

Democrat PA State Rep Johnson-Harrell Charged With Theft, Perjury, Resigns In Disgrace

Prosecutors say a man stole $88,000 from a bank vault. The FBI caught him after he flashed stacks of…

This New Crime Called ‘Sliding’ Is Happening At Gas Stations All Over The Nation

Man punches Walmart holiday shopper for ‘taking too long’ in checkout line, police say | F…

Paedophile parents who raped daughter, 2, jailed for life in ‘worst case ever seen’ – Mirr…

Reginald, Jonathan Carr Killed, Raped In Wichita Massacre | Crime News



There will be woes in 2012 fulfilled july 29, 2017

This prophecy speaks in general about a series of woes that were to happen in 2012. While the exact list of woes was never given, a simple look at the news indicates that this did come to pass. It may have also indirectly referred to other prophesied disasters listed in the parent prophecy.

Teachings and Explanations: Discernment is advised when reviewing any study or teaching posted here.

Sources: This is a list of people who have given this prophecy either in whole or in part Dream This was a dream that was given to John Paul Jackson that was very general in nature, but no real specifics were given. John Paul Jackson

Proofs and Fulfillments: (0) This is a list of all known proofs of past, present or potential future fulfillment of this prophecy.

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God’s Miraculous Provision Of Food And Other Needs

Posted On March 31st, 2017

The prophecy speaks of a time in the future where, due to reasons not yet revealed (perhaps global disasters, a global economic collapse, EMP/CME, etc) people all over the nation will be living without any form of electricity, heat, water, etc.  Basically it’s a massive grid down scenario or perhaps something else that takes away the normal creature comforts we’ve all become accustomed to.  However, in the midst of this, God will miraculously provide food, water, heat and other necessities to born again believers during what I believe is the Tribulation.  There’s several ways the events of this prophecy are described, including people praying over empty plates after which they’re filled with food, God miraculously heating homes in the middle of winter even though there’s no viable source of heat in the house, etc.

This prophecy, while modern in nature, has some very strong biblical support in the fact that similar events have happened in the past.  This includes the feeding of the Israelites in the desert, the feeding of Elijah, the feeding of the widow who took in Elijah, Jesus’s own feeding of the 5000 and 4000, the miraculous provision of fish after His resurrection, and so on.  Therefore this does have some good biblical backing.  As for all of the known sources, I’ve seen several prior to this, but never thought to write them down or track them until recently.  The ones I have linked here are just for starters to get things rolling, but as I find the more detailed entires I’ve seen before, I’ll post them here.

Also, this prophecy goes both along with, as well as above and beyond the promises made in Philippians 4:19 as these will be miraculous supernatural provisions to believers.  Now that’s not saying the verse doesn’t cover that.  What I’m saying is that, whereas its typical application is day to day needs, it also covers supernatural provision where normal mechanisms of blessing and supply (job, grocery store, food bank, giving, etc) either aren’t in play or are no longer possible due to extenuating circumstances.  Thus these modern prophecies are more or less an extension of that promise made in Philippians 4:19, perhaps to reassure those left behind that, even in their extreme and perilous situation, God will STILL provide all their needs, no matter what, even if it has to be done supernaturally.

Edit (2021-01-20): There’s finally enough movement on this that I’m going to set to “in progress”.  I’ll update it with proofs as I get things that I can link here.  So far everything I’ve heard and see has been undocumented or personal accounts.  Once I have news accounts, those will get added here.