Dutch Covid-19 test centre is hit by explosion as fury over country’s lockdown measures grows

The town of Bovenkarspel, shown on this map of the Netherlands, saw an explosion at a Covid-19 testing facility today 
The explosion at a testing centre on Wednesday comes weeks after several consecutive nights of rioting against lockdown measures (file photo) 
  • Testing centre in Bovenkarspel was hit by explosion which shattered windows
  • Police suspect a deliberate attack after ‘something metal’ exploded at 6.55am
  • It comes weeks after major rioting across the Netherlands over lockdown rules 

A Covid-19 test centre was hit by an explosion in the Netherlands early today in an area which has suffered a surge in coronavirus cases, as anger grows over the country’s lockdown measures. 

Police said the building in the town of Bovenkarspel appeared to be the target of a deliberate attack after ‘something metal’ exploded outside the testing centre, weeks after a nationwide curfew led to riots in major Dutch cities. 

‘What we’re saying is that something like that doesn’t just happen by accident, it has to be laid,’ police spokesman Menno Hartenberg said after the blast shortly before 7am on Wednesday. 

Nobody was injured, but windows were shattered and the site was cordoned off for a bomb squad to investigate. 

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Dutch Gov’t Won’t Bow to ‘Scum’ Rioters, Minister Says After 2nd Night of Anti-Lockdown Clashes

Police have said that almost 200 people were arrested on Sunday following violent protests, during which demonstrators set cars and bikes on fire, smashed windows in buildings and looted shops. In the municipality of Urk protesters set a coronavirus testing centre on fire.

The Dutch government will not bow to “scum” rioters, the country’s Finance Minister Woepke Hoekstra has said.

“You don’t capitulate to people who smash shop windows. That is not the case”, Hoekstra was quoted as saying by the Dutch news agency ANP.

The minister emphasised that the government does not plan to lift the curfew, which will be imposed until 9 February. “We are not going to capitulate before a few idiots”, Hoekstra told local media.

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Dutch mayor warns the country is heading for ‘civil war’ following violent anti-curfew protests as France and Italy admit they’re facing ANOTHER Covid-19 lockdown

  • Europe is in the midst of Covid chaos as countries race to tighten their restrictions amid high case numbers 
  • France due decide on a third national lockdown this week; Italy’s top medic has also called for new shutdown
  • Meanwhile the continent’s vaccine program is in disarray, with France’s Pasteur Institute admitting today that its vaccine doesn’t work and AstraZeneca cutting supplies of its jab due to ‘EU supply chain issues’ 
  • Disorder is also growing following riots in the Netherlands, with mayor warning ‘we’re on the path to civil war’

Europe’s battle against coronavirus entered a dangerous new phase this week as politicians pushed to tighten lockdown measures across the continent even after a weekend of rioting brought scenes of chaos to the Netherlands and Denmark amid warnings of ‘civil war’. 

France is due to decide whether to bring in a third national lockdown this week as Prime Minister Jean Castex warned the situation there is ‘worrying’, with Italy‘s top medic also calling for a month-long national shutdown.

That is despite John Jorritsma, mayor of Eindhoven which was hit by its worst riots in almost four decades at the weekend, warning ‘we’re on our way to civil war’ after new nationwide curfew measures sparked public outcry. 

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