IDF fires mysteriously timed flares near Gaza, Lebanon border – reports

IDF artillery allegedly fired flares near the borders with both Lebanon and Gaza around the same time on Monday evening, according to reports by Israeli and Arab media.
At 9:30, the Palestinian Safa Press Agency tweeted a picture of an alleged flare which their correspondent claimed was fired toward the Kissufim area of southern Israel, east of the Gaza city of Khan Younis.
Fewer than 10 minutes later, a reporter for the Lebanese Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar tweeted a picture of his own, which he claims fell near the Israel-Lebanon border.
According to Israeli media, the flares in northern Israel were fired due to fears of an intrusion into Israeli territory in the area of the Manara Cliff in the Upper Galilee, to aid the soldiers conducting searches.

Cabinet okays tax revenues transfer to Abbas, holds back some for ‘pay to slay’ Ministers decide to withhold some NIS 600 million out of 2.4 billion total to compensate for PA payments to terrorists and their families

The security cabinet authorized late Sunday the transfer of some NIS 2.4 billion ($725 million) in tax revenues that Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinians after the Palestinian Authority decided to renew cooperation earlier this month.

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Jordan’s King Abdullah and Palestinian leader Abbas meet, hope Biden revives peace process

AMMAN (Reuters) – Jordan’s King Abdullah on Sunday met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and both leaders set high hopes that U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will revive peace talks over a two-state solution to the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict, officials said.

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In their first phone call, Abbas urges Biden to intervene, stop Israeli attacks

US president opposes Sheikh Jarrah evictions, PA leader’s office says; two leaders discuss ceasefire efforts, two-state solution

US President Joe Biden spoke on the phone on Saturday night with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for the first time since the former took office in January, both said in statements.

According to Abbas’s office, the two presidents discussed efforts to reach a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.


Hezbollah on military alert ahead of massive IDF drill

Lebanese based Hezbollah terror group was put on high alert ahead of a month-long IDF drill that will begin on Sunday.
Israel’s military maneuver will imitate the outbreak of war on multiple fronts including missile fire at civilian population areas.
Lebanon media reports Hezbollah increased preparedness in South Lebanon and on the Syrian Golan Heights.

Beast in the Middle East! Snow blankets Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Syria amid freezing temperatures caused by a weakened polar vortex

Snow falls in Jerusalem over the Dome of the Rock for the first time in years after a polar vortex brought freezing conditions across many Middle Eastern countries

Workers make their way through the streets of Istanbul earlier this week after parts of Turkey were blanketed in thick snow which also hit large parts of the Middle East
Snow up to six inches deep fell in mountainous regions of southern Syria near the border with Israel (pictured, the Quneitra border between the two countries
The northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah is seen covered in snow last month after unseasonably cold air brought snow to parts of the Middle Eastern country

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Gantz: Hezbollah will be ‘fatally wounded’ if Israel drawn into a war in Lebanon

Defense minister warns of possible difficult days for home front after terror group head Nasrallah said it will bomb Israeli cities in response to any attacks in Lebanon

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Thursday that Hezbollah will be “fatally wounded” if Israel needs to go to war in Lebanon, after the terror group’s head, Hassan Nasrallah, threatened Israel following an Israel Defense Forces exercise simulating war with the terror group.

“If we have to go to battle, Lebanon will tremble and Hezbollah will be fatally wounded,” Gantz said at a ceremony to honor soldiers who fell in battle and whose burial places are unknown.

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Prominent Hezbollah critic shot dead, Lebanese security official says

Lokman Slim, who went missing Wednesday evening en route to Beirut, was regularly criticized by terror group’s supporters, media

Lokman Slim in an interview with MTV Lebanon News on July 27, 2013. (Screenshot: YouTube)

A prominent Lebanese publisher and vocal critic of the Shiite Hezbollah terror group was found dead in his car Thursday morning, shot multiple times at close range, security and forensic officials said.

Lokman Slim, a 58-year-old longtime Shiite political activist and researcher, was found in his car on a rural road near the southern village of Addoussieh.

A forensic coroner on the scene said Slim was shot in his chest, head and neck, killing him on the spot. Blood was splattered over the passenger seat of a rental car, where his body had apparently fallen.

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Amid crisis, Hezbollah ‘bank’ a lifeline for some, and a boon for terror group

Operating under Islamic rules forbidding interest, the al-Qard al-Hasan association provides hundreds of thousands of micro-loans while entrenching support among poor Shiites

A branch of the Hezbollah-run Qard al-Hassan Association, in Beirut, Lebanon, January 20, 2021. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

BEIRUT, Lebanon — When Lebanon’s financial meltdown began in late 2019, Hassan Shoumar was locked out of his dollar savings like everyone else in the country as banks clamped down with capital controls.

But the young engineer had an alternative. He could still pull out the dollars in his account at the al-Qard al-Hasan Association, the financial arm of the terrorist Hezbollah group.

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When Israel and Arab nations unite, world should take note, says UN ambassador

 Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan reflected on 2020 and how “Israel’s future looks brighter than ever” in his address on Sunday night at the Zionist Organization of America’s Virtual Superstar Gala.

Erdan, also Israel’s incoming ambassador to the United States, received the ZOA’s Woo KaiSheng Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Diplomacy. In his acceptance speech, he said that while this past year “supplied a fair amount of hate, it also delivered a fair amount of peace.”

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