California’s Newsom Warns Of “Dramatic, Arguably Drastic” New Restrictions To Come As Hospitalizations Hit Record Highs: Live Updates

California Gov hints at more drastic COVID action
Vietnam confirms first COVID case in 89 days
NYC positivity rate tops 4%
NY sees another 6k+ new cases
WHO: treat slowdown in cases with caution
NJ Gov tightens restrictions
NYC limits viewing times for Rockefeller Christmas tree
Moderna sends in emergency application
Hong Kong orders civil servants to work from home
Italy approves fourth stimulus package
California tops 15k cases
France sees fewest new cases in nearly 2 months
Germany’s Merkel says Germany can’t continue compensating companies for lost sales
Hong Kong imposes new restrictions
Canada expands travel ban
UK’s Johnson says tiered system will have ‘sunset’ date of Feb. 3

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