California Parents Seek Court Injunction Blocking Aztec Prayers in School

By Matthew Vadum September 27, 2021 Updated: September 27, 2021

An Aztec dancer participates in a march in Los Angeles, on May 1, 2019. David McNew/Getty Images

Parents and a civil rights group are asking a court to force California to immediately halt Aztec prayers in public school classrooms that are required by the California State Board of Education’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.

This novel curriculum includes a section on “Affirmation, Chants, and Energizers.” Among these is the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which invokes five Aztec deities—Tezkatlipoka, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Xipe Totek, and Hunab Ku. The pagan prayers address the deities both by name and traditional titles, recognize them as sources of power and knowledge, invoke their assistance, and give them thanks.

Aztec religious practices included the cutting out of human hearts and the flaying of victims and wearing of their skin.

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