But politics is not going to solve America’s problems.

January 10, 2021
by Michael Snyder

The only thing that is going to solve America’s problems is Jesus.

The reason why the United States became a great nation in the first place is because we were a Christian nation, and the only way we would ever have a chance of being a great nation again would be if we were to turn back to God with all of our hearts.

Anyone that comes to you with a plan to turn America around that does not include Jesus is just being delusional.

At this moment, deception is absolutely rampant on both sides of the political spectrum. Some of the most ridiculous rumors imaginable are flying all over the place, but multitudes of people are falling for them hook, line and sinker. Shadowy figures that don’t even want to reveal their real identities share “inside information” that ends up being proven wrong time after time, and yet some people continue to hang on every word. False prophets have convinced vast hordes of sheeple that their “prophecies” about political events would come to pass, but once again this election has shown that they are complete frauds.

One of the good things that will come out of this period of time is that people will start to see the frauds for who they really are.

So many of the “pillow prophets” have been promising peace and prosperity, but the truth is that we are in the end times described in the Bible. We are heading into one of the most difficult times in all of human history, but it will also be one of the greatest times in all of human history because God is going to be at work in amazing ways.

And God has a plan for you too.

God specifically placed you at this point in human history, and He has a purpose for doing that.

But if you keep running away from Him, you will never discover that purpose.

The plans that God has for you are greater than anything that you could ever come up with on your own, but He also has given you free will.

You can choose to keep going your own way, and you can choose to reject Him forever if you want.

But why would you want to do that?

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