British Newspaper Headline “. . . World War . . . in Four Weeks” — Diplomat too: “A war with Russia is being worked out”

A veritable garbage dump of British media, “The Sun” newspaper, has a headline in yesterday’s edition ” . . . World War could be triggered in Four Weeks” over the ongoing and escalating situation in Ukraine. 

Gee, that would put us at about May 2, the precise date I mentioned on my radio show last week, for the start of this conflict!

The April 3 issue of The Sun reports:

WORLD War could be triggered in just four weeks in Ukraine as Vladimir Putin sends thousands of troops to the Russian border, experts have warned.  

The bombshell claims come as convoys of tanks and armoured vehicles were filmed being mass transported in regions close to rebel-held eastern Ukraine and annexed Crimea. 

With tension sharply rising, Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer said it now requires a “psychoanalyst” to determine Moscow’s intentions but warned events could see “war in a month.”

Those who have actually followed the development of these troubles don’t need a psychoanalyst to understand what’s going on, we understand quite clearly.

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