Bill Maher: ‘The Democrats are the party of no common sense’

Defends parents rejecting CRT and says teaching the history of racism in the US is NOT the same as teaching that ‘racism is the essence of America’

Real Time host Bill Maher laid into Critical Race Theory in American schools and cancel culture in a freewheeling interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. 

Maher, who describes himself as an ‘old-school liberal’, slammed the far left and progressive side of the Democrats which he called the ‘party of no common sense’.


He added that he supported teaching the history of racism in America, but ‘that’s different than teaching children that racism is the essence of America.’ 

‘That’s what people get upset about, or involving children who are not old enough or sophisticated enough to understand this very complicated history.’ 

Maher also told Cuomo that he supports Dave Chappelle, who received backlash after making derogatory comments about trans people, and said he himself has received calls to be cancelled from conservatives and liberals alike. 

The late night host warned that Donald Trump would run for re-election in 2022 and further a ‘slow-moving coup’ take over the GOP with his supporters. 

In a wide-ranging interview, Maher told Cuomo: 

  • There is an ‘honest history of racism’ and that was ‘different than teaching that racism is the essence of America,’ which is what he says CRT tells children;
  • NBC star said that transgender/transsexuality was not ‘settled science’ and people were not bigots if they questioned whether it should be taught to kids;
  • Maher said people from both the right and the left had tried to ‘cancel’ him;  
  • He tipped Trump for the White House, saying: ‘Trust me he is going to run … He is going to get the nomination, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he won.’


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