The vaccine industry is a dense financial web that ties together some of the most dubious characters in the Covidian universe, some very well-known, several less so. In this article we join a few dots between certain key players who positioned themselves very carefully in preparation for the Plandemic.

So deeply entwined are the players in this theatre, we are merely scratching the surface, but there are many aspects of the relationships described below that are easy and important to understand. Readers should click on the links (highlighted in red type) for more details and information. 

Doctor Anthony Fauci is the Chief Medical Adviser to the US President. He is also a serial vaccine profiteer, has extensive financial interests in patented medicines, is extremely rich and a borderline psychotic in love with seeing his face on the tv.

In 2020, hyping the Covid threat on television became his full-time job as his colleagues in the vaccination industry drummed up the hysteria necessary to permit the worldwide sale of their dangerous experimental products. Fauci’s professional demise is nigh, however, after it emerged that he had personally signed off on funding for dubious Coronavirus research at the notorious Wuhan lab from which many believe the virus “escaped”. We shall return to this individual after meeting a few of his colleagues.  


Across the Atlantic, Sir Patrick Vallance is the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK government and a senior SAGE adviser. He came to his government job after 12  years working for Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline, who produced the brain-damaging Swine-flu vaccine and who are “business partners” with Pfizer, one of several Covid-vaccine producers making billions from the current “pandemic”.

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