Biden starving out public school children with engineered covid shortages, supply chain failures

Public schools all across America are struggling to keep enough food in stock at the cafeteria for their students, and the root of the problem is fake “president” Joe Biden.

The reality of the situation is that the plandemic is over, but the Biden regime refuses to stop tyrannizing the public with manufactured shortages and supply chain problems that, to be fair, are also a product of prior administrations the way they globalized the economy for such a time as this.

Mainstream media reports suggest that everything from turkey to chicken to orange juice to the meal trays on which food is served are now in short supply at American public schools. Many districts are unable to find the necessities they need to keep feeing students, and yet many a leftist is still in denial about why this is all taking place.

Much of the blame is still being lobbed at the “unvaccinated,” who are supposedly the ones blocking all the ports and holding shipments hostage. This, we are told, is why everyone needs to roll up their sleeves immediately so we can enter the “new normal.”

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