Biden GIVES U.S. Drug Patents to China: Ends New Drugs Developed by American Companies

With one Executive Order, Joe Biden has killed out the American pharmaceutical industry. Under Biden, if you create a new drug you get a patent, exclusive use of the new drug for a period of years.  The mentally challenged Biden, his family has received millions from the Chinese government and communist Chinese companies—and still do—gave away our drug companies COVID vaccine formula’s.  In the future people will die of cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and more because Biden took away the incentive for Americans to create new life saving drugs.

“A TRIPs waiver will not only impede vaccine production at this moment, it will also cause long-term harm. There are two principal concerns in this regard. First, a waiver for COVID-19 vaccines will obviously decrease the incentive for companies to make vaccines for the next disease. “The recent rhetoric will not discourage us from continuing investing in science,” wrote Bourla, the Pfizer chief. “But I am not sure if the same is true for the thousands of small biotech innovators that are totally dependent on accessing capital from investors who invest only on the premise that their intellectual property will be protected.”

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