Biden Decides to Raise Gas Prices and Heating Bills and Make America Dependent on Foreign Oil Again – Nobody Voted for This

Yep, no one voted for this.  Biden’s Energy Secretary on Friday made some moves that will make gas higher (it’s already up a buck since the inauguration), will increase heating bills, and will make American dependent on Middle East oil again. 

Hot Air reports:

Despite having pledged to take a balanced approach to energy issues during her confirmation hearings, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland made some of the worst predictions by Republicans about actions on such matters come true yesterday. Haaland revoked a dozen different energy policy orders put in place during the Trump administration, announcing that her priorities would be to address climate change and shift to “the green energy potential” of public lands, assuming any energy is to be produced at all. These moves not only fly in the face of many promises that Joe Biden made on the campaign trail, but also undermine statements that Haaland herself made this year when trying to tunnel her way through the confirmation process. Of course, absolutely nobody who has been paying attention will be surprised by these developments as they were all predicted by energy hawks who were familiar with the Secretary’s background.

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