Bible study 1:God’s word in the bible

It is generally accepted that human knowledge comes from two sources: reason and experience. We need each of these to understand the world around us. Even though each of us has these two common sources of knowledge, these sources fail to answer those important questions in life: “Where did I come from?” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?”

There is another source of knowledge that we can turn to for these answers — it is called revelation. We find this revelation, or revealing of truth, in the Bible. It is from the pages of this God-breathed book that we find the answers to life’s most challenging obstacles. It is in the pages of this blessed book that we find the strength and the sustenance to continue our journey to know God.

There are two types of revelation: general and special. General is that revelation which has appeared to all men, regardless of their “religious” background. This revelation has appeared to us in the form of the Creation. This one act alone is enough evidence of God’s existence that we are all without excuse before him (Romans 1:18-20). No one will be able to stand before God and accuse him of not making Himself known. That is what general revelation is all about.

Yet, there is another form of revelation, which is referred to as special revelation. This involves a more direct communication, or revealing of truth with man. In times past, this revelation has been given through dreams, angels, visions, and Christ Himself while here on this earth. Now we have the finished revelation of God in written form. We call it the Bible!

As we go through this lesson, please remember this statement: “God’s Word is the foundation for everything else that we believe: if the foundation is faulty, the rest will be shaky at best!” What you believe about salvation, about Christ, about heaven and hell, and about any other doctrine is determined by what you believe about the Bible. With that thought in mind, let us explore the pages of God’s story to man.