Australia’s medical tyranny worse communist governments

Goddard is not the only Australian entrepreneur critical of the approach authorities use to keep the pandemic at bay. Cafe owner Philip Di Bella, who owns Coffee Commune in Brisbane, previously said he will not bar unvaccinated Australians from visiting his establishment. Currently, both injected and non-injected customers are permitted to enter retail outlets.

“It won’t be happening in my venue, I can assure you. The Coffee Commune [at Bowen Hills] will not discriminate,” Di Bella said in a video.

The cafe owner also criticized the insidious push toward totalitarianism in Australia. “What has this world come to? Is it something that we’re prepared to let happen, is it? If you support them mandating something like this … that you have your human rights taken away on where you can eat, drink, associate [and] go based on whether you are vaccinated or not – then you’ve got rocks in your head and this country has gone mad.”

According to Di Bella, the issue was not about vaccines. “You want to be vaccinated, you be vaccinated. If you don’t, you don’t. You take the health precautions that you need for yourself. This is about human rights, this is about dictatorship. Politicians work for the people.”

Goddard told Epoch Times that he was “also on the same wavelength” as Di Bella. The Pillow Talk CEO commented on the health measures Palaszczuk announced: “I can’t pick on [her] one-off announcement – the whole thing from start to finish has been a complete and utter disaster.”

“I can’t talk to the premier, the health minister or anyone else; they won’t talk to you. There’s no discussion, it’s just ‘We’re going to do this.’ It’s a totalitarian direction.” (Related: Australia government threatens its own citizens: No freedom until you comply with vaccine shot quotas.)

According to Goddard, Eastern Europeans living in Australia shared with him that the totalitarianism they left in Europe is now in the country they immigrated to. “Since when do we have totalitarian directions in Australia? We’ve got them now. We’re worse than communist Czechoslovakia. It’s ridiculous, and yet people are going along with it,” he said. has more stories about Australia’s totalitarian approach in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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