Associated Press now admits VACCINATED people are spreading COVID and filling hospitals, claims BOOSTER SHOTS are the answer

The mainstream media is finally starting to admit that the “fully vaccinated” are responsible for American hospitals being overrun with sick and dying patients. The only problem is that the media’s “solution” is to inject people with more “boosters.”

The first signs of a cracking narrative came from the Associated Press (AP), which expressed feigned confusion over the fact that new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are spiking in New Mexico despite a high injection rate.

The state reinstated a mask mandate, alleging that this would “cure” the spike and cause everything to settle back down. When the opposite happened, the media started running with the narrative that people need to get boostered in order to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread.

“New Mexico is running out of intensive care beds despite the state’s above-average vaccination rate,” lamented Carla K. Johnson, an AP reporter. “Waning immunity may be playing a role.”

“People who were vaccinated early and have not yet received booster shots may be driving up infection numbers, even if they still have some protection from the most dire consequences of the virus,” she added.

Johnson, of course, has no evidence to back this claim. It just sounds nice to the Branch Covidians and keeps her employed at the AP, which would more than likely fire her if she even so much as dared to suggest that the existing jabs are to blame for this new crisis.

“Delta and waning immunity – the combination of these two have set us back,” added Ali Mokdad, a professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington.

“This virus is going to stick with us for a long, long time.”

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