Anti-vaxxers in the UK, US and other countries could stop the world from eradicating coronavirus, warns top US disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci

  • Top American expert compared Covid-19 to the measles outbreaks in the US
  • Although the vaccine for the disease is 98 per cent effective, these still occur
  • He warned this was due to problems with uptake due to anti-vaxx movements
  • And said the situation was likely to be very similar for jabs against Covid-19

Anti-vaxx movements could stop the UK, US and other countries from eradicating coronavirus, America’s top infectious disease expert has warned.

Dr Anthony Fauci — one of the most trusted clinicians in the US — compared efforts to wipe out Covid to measles. Both are spread through infectious droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes. 

He said: ‘Measles has a spectacularly effective vaccine, it is 98 per cent effective at preventing infection.

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