Android has a unique life-saving feature that you won’t find on any iPhone

The increasing number of iPhones and other Apple devices in use allowed Apple to create a unique device tracking service. It can help users find lost phones, tablets, and other devices even if those gadgets are not connected to the internet or do not have enough battery life. Apple further leveraged this massive iPhone network to launch the AirTag tracker that can ping any nearby iPhone to send out location information about a lost object.

Google might not have the same control over the Android network to offer similar object-tracking functionality, but it has found a different way to leverage the massive number of Android devices out there. It’s using them to provide a unique service that will be incredibly useful in certain places. Google built an earthquake detection system on top of Android that could provide early warnings about local seismic activity and save lives. The service launched last year in California, and it’s now expanding to Greece and New Zealand.

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