American families are living through these heartbreaking real-life stories of their children murdered by vax

It is already painfully obvious that the Elites seem to think they have control over your children and not you.  Whether the teaching of mandated and clear racism via CRT or sexual perversions and sodomy as being “normal” and actually HOW to do it all which is just plain old fashioned child pornography and abuse, and that what is real, actual history is just nonsense but that the Marxist lefts rewrite is somehow factual along with so many other evils that the current regimes in our schools and upheld by loaded school boards and teachers unions.  That cannot be allowed to stand.  You MUST get your children out of those public schools.  There are a lot of alternatives including home schooling, using small groups like neighbors or family or church units to teach in homes in your own neighborhood, some very good internet based schools, and so on.  But get them out of government indoctrination camps.

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In our last discussion we covered some reasons why they are after our kids, so let’s continue on with what has been actually occurring and what else you can do about it along with the above advice of removing them from government propaganda camps.

There have already been many kids jabbed with the kill shot or the so-called C19 “vaccine” and there are also many young ones that have had severe complications and even died from the kill shot just as they do in the adult population.  Stories like the 13 year old boy that died three days after the shot, the 12 year old child two days after,  many reports of Korean deaths of young people, and many more.  There are also reports of severe injury and illness caused by those children jabbed such as the one in this Fox news story about a Twelve year old girl and video that was on the Tucker Carlson show recently.  In Texas two children were given the adult strength C19 shot rather than the much weaker children’s version.  The kid’s version, depending on the brand, is one half to one third the adult strength kill shot.  “An Ohio mother is speaking out about her 12-year-old daughter suffering extreme reactions and nearly dying after volunteering for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine trial.
Stephanie De Garay told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that after reaching out to multiple physicians they claimed her daughter, Maddie De Garay, couldn’t have become gravely ill from the vaccine.  

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