American Cities Are In Decline

Recent decades have not been kind to American cities. Manufacturing cities were adversely impacted by the offshoring of manufacturing jobs. Cities that are destinations for the floods of third world immigrants are experiencing deteriorating budgets and infrastructure and population replacement. In 1960 native born white American citizens comprised 90% of California’s population. Today white Americans comprise 30% of the state’s population. The 90% white population in 1960 did not require the support services that the 70% non-white population requires today, and there were no homeless people camping on the streets. Cities with black populations, Democrat regimes, and defunded police experience mob looting and burning of business districts. Covid lockdowns have taught white collar businesses that employees can work at home and the expense of collecting large numbers of people in office buildings can be avoided.

Covid lockdowns also taught people to shop online, and online penetration of retail sales has risen sharply. Estimates are that over the next 5 years the US will lose 81,000 to 150,000 retail stores and the jobs that go with them, with clothing, consumer electronics, home furnishings, sporting goods, and office supplies taking the largest hits.

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