ALOHA TYRANNY: Hawaii mulling use of digital coronavirus vaccine passport for travelers

Authorities in the state of Hawaii are considering the use of a digital vaccine passport for incoming and outgoing travelers. They proposed the use of an app that shows a QR code, which can be scanned to find out if travelers have received their COVID-19 shots or not.

Such a document would enable safe travel to and from the Hawaiian islands, authorities in the Aloha State explained.

Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green said that state health officials wish to utilize an app to show proof that someone has been vaccinated against COVID-19. He told Honolulu news outlet KHON 2 that authorities will enlist the help of health technology firm First Vitals to make this app a reality. “They would be able to verify the health record [of travelers] … [and] then encrypt it so people can’t steal someone’s health record,” Green explained.

The lieutenant governor said the digital passport would only contain people’s name, information whether they got vaccinated or not and the date of their vaccination. For now, Green said travelers can use their COVID-19 vaccination cards for this purpose – until the app is ready for rollout.

Green expressed interest to pilot the system using the vaccination cards for inter-island travel. “I think that makes a lot of sense. It would immediately empower probably about half of our travelers inside the islands to travel safely,” he said.

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