Academia using covid as excuse to install permanent mass surveillance systems on campus

Natural News) The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic has made it a breeze for educational institutions to install massive surveillance systems that can never be questioned because they are for people’s “safety,” and they are never going away because this is the “new normal.”

Part of academia’s “return to normalcy” involves tracking students’ every move, subjecting them to routine “testing,” and forcing them to get injected with “booster” shots for as long as they remain enrolled. This is the price that young people now have to pay in order to get an indoctrination (education).

As long as “cases” are still considered to be a valid metric by which policy is created and imposed, there will never be an end to all the Chinese Virus hysteria, nor will society or your local college campus ever return to being free.

Columbia University in New York City, for instance, has forbidden its students from hosting any guests or visiting residence halls other than their own. At any given time, students are not allowed to be around more than nine other people.

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