5-year-old boy killed, dozens others injured as Gaza rockets pound Israel

Fresh volleys target south, center of country; Ido Avigal, 5, fatally struck by shrapnel that penetrated window of fortified room in Sderot during major Hamas barrage

A five-year-old boy was killed and at least 20 Israelis were hurt as Gaza-based terrorists fired fresh salvoes of rockets at Israel, setting off warning sirens Wednesday night in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and cities in the south.

In the Gaza border town of Sderot, seven people were hurt in a direct hit on a building. The boy’s mother grabbed him and took him to the fortified room when the incoming rocket sirens sounded, according to Hebrew media reports. But in a rare incident, rocket shrapnel punctured the shelter’s window, critically injuring him and also wounding his mother. He was pronounced dead several hours later.