3 stages of ‘Great Awakening’/‘Public’s Education’: 1) EVERYTHING was a lie. 2) Learn Truth together. 3) Pilot projects for Heaven on Earth (real education)

“I didn’t know sh1t about fu<k.”  ~ honest Americans in 2021

Note: If you’d like to get up to speed with who I am and why I write, read this context.

The Great Awakening and the public’s education has three stages:

  1. EVERYTHING of importance we learned from “officials,” corporate media, and public education was a lie. 
  2. Learning Truth is life-changing, necessary, and interesting! 
  3. Pilot projects to create Heaven on Earth (real education) is a new and central work.

Let’s consider each stage:

EVERYTHING was a lie

We scholars (professional and amateur) have successfully completed our mission to explain, document, and prove game-changing facts in ~100 areas of massive .01% crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions (~$100 trillion total). The only rational response of Americans is to demand .01% arrests as the lawful remedy to stop OBVIOUS crimes in progress. Concurrently, this knowledge includes solutions for breakthroughs in quality of life that include greater health, wealth and productivity, and replacing fear/anger with love and creativity. 

Among the most important lies that Americans were dictated are documented in a 2020 9-part essay series with “Socrates” to leverage his experience of having endured a 27-year civil war, then being executed by public vote for voicing obvious question of their government’s enslavement and looting in the name of “democracy and freedom.” 

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