New CIA Malware Spotted; Cybersecurity Firm Kaspersky Says It ‘Spies’ on Network Traffic

A new malware believed to have been developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was spotted from “a collection of malware samples” studied since Feb. 2019.

Kaspersky, the cybersecurity firm that discovered the malware, said that it shared similarities with past CIA malware prompting them to track its activity and gave it the codename “Purple Lambert.”

CIA’s ‘Purple Lambert’ Spotted: What Can the Malware Do?

Kaspersky published an APT Trends report on Apr. 27, which details the cybersecurity firm’s observations on activities in Q1 2021.

According to the report, the malware that Kaspersky named the Purple Lambert contains a certain network module that passively listens to network traffic and searches for a “magic packet.”

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A crafty Linux malware has evaded detection for years and experts still don’t know what it does

Security researchers have discovered a crafty piece of malware written for Linux, but finding it after three years in the wild is just “the tip of the iceberg,” they say. Its purpose remains a mystery.


At least it now has an identity. Researchers at Qihoo 360 Netlab (via Bleeping Computer) are calling it RotaJakiro, named after a mashing of its characteristics—it uses rotating encryption keys, and is a two-headed beast of sorts, in that it executes different code for root and non-root accounts.

Staying hidden for so long is a result of RotaJakiro employing a combination of ZLIB compression and several different encryption algorithms. Dating back to 2018, at least four RotaJakiro samples have been uploaded to VirusTotal, a website that scans files with over 60 antivirus engines. The most recent upload occurred in January of this year.

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New Documentary Reveals The Merging of Humans and Machines Is Here

By Jenny Punter

The Toronto-based Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival opens Thursday with the world premiere of “A.rtificial I.mmortality,” which explores advancements in AI, robotics, and biotech through close encounters with neuroscientists, AI developers, transhumanists, robot-creators, and visionaries who are pointing the way toward post-biological life.

Director Ann Shin spoke to Variety about her new film—one of 13 features in the festival’s Canadian Spectrum juried competition—and chatted up the next projects of Fathom Film Group, the female-led production company she founded in Toronto in 2006, and which is now represented by APA in the U.S.

“A.rtificial I.mmortality” is produced by Fathom Film’s Erica Leendertse and Hannah Donegan, with Shin and Gerry Flahive as executive producers, and in association with Canadian streamer Crave, a division of Bell Media Inc., with funding from the Canada Media Fund and Rogers Cable Network Fund.

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Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply Chain?

Spraying your food with genetically modified spores with custom DNA sequences in order to trace it through the global supply chain sounds like science fiction, but one company funded by SOSV — the same VC behind ‘food replacement’ companies like Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, and NotCo — has made it a reality, and is already testing its technology.

Biological barcodes and resource tracking is clearly an integral part of the blockchain/AI supply chain being rolled out as part of The Great Reset. But what happens when you eat them? Christian breaks down Aanika and their technology in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

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FCC reveals sign-up date and website for $50-per-month broadband subsidies

May 12 enrollment for people who have low incomes or lost income during pandemic.

Enrollment for $50-per-month broadband subsidies for US residents with low incomes or those who lost income during the pandemic will begin on May 12, the Federal Communications Commission announced today. The FCC also set up a new website at which people can sign up for the subsidies.

“As of May 12, 2021, eligible households will be able to enroll in the program to receive a monthly discount off the cost of broadband service from an approved provider. Eligible households can enroll through an approved provider or by visiting,” the FCC said.

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‘We will defend ourselves to the very end’: Taiwan minister’s vow as China ‘prepares final assault’

Joseph Wu said China had “been conducting misinformation campaigns” against Taiwan and had increased their grey zone activities.

China is “preparing for its final military assault” on Taiwan, the island’s foreign minister has told Sky News, as he vowed to “defend ourselves to the very end”.

In an exclusive interview, Joseph Wu said that China had “been conducting misinformation campaigns, hybrid warfare, and recently they have increased their grey zone activities against Taiwan“.

“And all these seem to be preparing for their final military assault against Taiwan,” he added.

“This is our country, this is our people and this is our way of life. We will defend ourselves to the very end.

“Taiwan happens to be on the frontline of China’s expansion of its authoritarian order. And if Taiwan is taken by China, I think the consequences will be global.”

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Congressional Press Credentials of Epoch Times Revoked While China State Media Retains Theirs… Soros/Gates/UN/Google Funded “Project Syndicate” Publishes Op-Eds for China State Media

The Epoch Times’ press credentials have been revoked by Congress, but as Josh Philipp, host of Crossroads with Joshua Philipp from the Epoch Times, told Tucker Carlson in an interview on Tuesday, Chinese state-run media still possesses their press credentials despite its associations with propaganda.The Epoch Times’ credentials were revoked by the House of Representatives press gallery, though Philipp said that they are yet to receive anything in writing pointing to specifically why this happened.Chinese state-run media outlets including Xinhua and People’s Daily, both associated with the Chinese Communist Party and its propaganda, still have their credentials and …

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US has ramped up reconnaissance in Chinese-claimed waters, says Beijing

The United States has ramped up reconnaissance activities near China’s coast under 

Joe Biden

’s administration, leading to a recent close encounter between the country’s warships, Beijing warned on Thursday after the American president 

defined their rivalry as the battle of the century

 between democracy and autocracy.

On the day that Biden targeted Beijing in his first speech to a joint session of Congress, Chinese defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said operations had increased by more than 20 per cent for US warships and 40 per cent for planes in and around waters claimed by China, compared with the same period last year under Donald Trump’s administration.

Wu said at a monthly press conference that the increase was “destabilising” and had led to a close encounter in early April when the guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin had to be warned away as it conducted a “close-up reconnaissance” of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and its battle group.

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Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, and Your DNA

Is there a connection between China, Bill Gates, YouTube, and DNA collection?

Recent reports reveal that a Chinese company with connections to the Gates Foundation is involved in COVID-19 testing and poses a potential threat to American privacy, particularly the medical and health data of those who have been tested for COVID-19.

In late January, CBS’ 60 Minutes reported:

“60 Minutes has learned Chinese company BGI Group, the largest biotech firm in the world, offered to build COVID labs in at least six states, and U.S. intelligence officials issued warnings not to share health data with BGI. 

The largest biotech firm in the world wasted no time in offering to build and run COVID testing labs in Washington, contacting its governor right after the first major COVID outbreak in the U.S. occurred there. The Chinese company, the BGI Group, made the same offer to at least five other states, including New York and California, 60 Minutes has learned. This, along with other COVID testing offers by BGI, so worried Bill Evanina, then the country’s top counterintelligence officer, that he authorized a rare public warning.”


“Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from COVID tests” declared the notice. Evanina believes the Chinese are trying to collect Americans’ DNA to win a race to control the world’s biodata.”

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Ohio Guided Missile Submarines Were Designed To Be Drone-Carrying Clandestine Command Centers

Well, in 2020 Trump decided to go to a “hot” war with China. he sent  7 – 8 assault battle carrier groups to the South China Sea, and an undisclosed number of submarines.  I’ve discussed this issue before HERE. And we now know that no “disclosed” fighting actually occurred. The flotilla steamed back to the United States “empty handed”, and the Admiral and his staff were fired immediately when they arrived back in Washington DC.

No word or information is provided as to why the Admiral(s) refused to engaged the Chinese, or attempt the take-over of some “minor” outlying islands. We all, in the Western readership” are all oblivious to it. But the fact is that something actually “spooked” the Naval brass (leadership) in charge of the operation. What was it?

We will never know.

But what we do know is that China is decades ahead of the West in certain technologies such as directed energy weapons and electronic suppression systems. Indeed it would be a sorry day for an entire submarine with 100 – 200 crew and all sorts of multi-million dollar munitions to sink softly to the bottom of the South China Sea when nothing works. It would be a scene out of the Foundation Trilogy.

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