2 border cops stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City; attacker shot dead

Police say assailant was a 16-year-old Palestinian; one of the officers moderately hurt, the other lightly injured

Police near the scene of a suspected stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on November 17, 2021. (Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90)

A Palestinian teenager stabbed two border guards in an alleyway in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday, police said.

The assailant, identified by Palestinian media as Amr Abu-Assab, was shot by an armed civilian who was passing by and then again by the Border Police officers he’d attacked. He was pronounced dead at the scene. According to police, Abu-Assab was 16 years old from East Jerusalem.

In graphic video footage from the scene that was released by the police (below), the border guards can be seen walking past Abu-Assab near the Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva in the Old City.


Once their backs were turned, the teenager took out a knife and stabbed the male border guard in the head. The female Border Police officer then pushed Abu-Assab away from her partner, pinning him to the wall and grappling with him.

The teenager stabbed her a number of times, including in the head, before the passerby shot him.

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