Nickel prices skyrocket to 7-year high amid supply chain crisis

Nickel prices have skyrocketed amid dwindling supply concerns, sending prices in London to a seven-year high.

The silvery-white metal is commonly used to make stainless steel and other alloys stronger. It also increases their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.

In 2011, at least 80 percent of the primary (not recycled) nickel consumed in America was used in alloys like stainless steel and super alloys. Since nickel increases an alloy’s resistance to corrosion and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, equipment and parts made of nickel-bearing alloys are often used in harsh environments like chemical plants, jet engines, petroleum refineries, power generation facilities and offshore installations.

Cookware, cutlery and medical equipment are often made of stainless steel and nickel because it is easy to clean and sterilize. Nickel is also used to make batteries, jewelry, smartphones, vehicles and buildings.

Nickel’s price at its highest since 2014

Contracts for nickel on the London Metal Exchange increased by 4.6 percent to $20,963 per metric ton on Wednesday, Oct. 21 – the highest since May 2014. Nickel has doubled in price in 2021.

“At this juncture, watch the critical cash-three month gap, which is already backwardation and has the scope to widen further. It was last at $83/ton, the biggest in two years. Spiking spreads have been an important feature for record-setting tin, which has rallied almost 90 percent this year, and similarly in the copper market,” warned Bloomberg.

The nickel supply crisis is also primarily caused by mining company Vale SA, one of the world’s top nickel producers. The company slashed its production outlook for 2021 after a strike at its Canadian mine. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, Vale announced that its nickel output would be in the range of 165,000 to 170,000 tons. The company’s original projections were at 200,000 tons.

The announcement came a day after courts suspended operations at the company’s Onca Puma mine in Brazil.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, Tesla Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Zachary Kirkhorn announced that the company had seen an impact from a significant increase in industrial metal prices, especially aluminum and nickel.

Kirkhorn added that this forced Tesla to replace iron-based batteries with nickel-based batteries for its standard models across world markets to cut costs. (Related: Tesla secures deal to buy nickel from New Caledonia mine.)

Meanwhile, MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC, the world’s largest refined nickel producer, reported declining output in the third quarter of the year.

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More vaccine deaths and injuries reported in 10 months following COVID-19 shots compared to all other vaccines over the past 30 years

New data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) revealed that 16,310 individuals have died after receiving Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines in the past 10 months. In contrast, data up to December 2020 showed that there had only been 6,214 deaths from all vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the past 30 years.

VAERS also recorded 2,102 fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccinations in pregnant women.

Moreover, there had been more permanent disabilities, life-threatening reactions and hospitalizations linked to the COVID-19 vaccines in the past 10 months than from all other vaccines in the last 30 years.

Despite the rising number of adverse events and deaths linked to the COVID-19 vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA insist that they are “safe and effective.”

The CDC has admitted that there are some risks to the COVID-19 vaccines, including blood clots and hearth inflammation. However, the agency said that these known side effects are rare.

The most recent data shared by VAERS showed that there had been 12,553 cases of blood clots following vaccination, resulting in 589 deaths, 869 permanent disabilities and 2,543 life-threatening events.

There had also been 7,791 cases of heart inflammation that resulted in 119 deaths, 250 permanent disabilities and 867 life-threatening events.

Senior citizens are the most in danger, with 76 percent of the recorded deaths from the vaccine shots occurring in people older than 65. This translates to 12,396 deaths so far. For the past 10 months, there had been 11.6 times more deaths among vaccinated seniors than there had been for the past 30 years following all other vaccines.

The CDC and FDA still approved “booster” shots for this age group.

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FDA trying to hide data showing Pfizer’s covid “vaccine” is seriously injuring children

The parents of a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine”-injured child have come forward to warn that nobody in the federal government seems to care one iota about the damage being caused by these shots.

Stephanie and Patrick de Garay’s 12-year-old daughter Maddie, along with her two brothers, were enrolled in a Pfizer injection trial that left poor Maddie severely damaged. Prior to getting injected, Maddie was “healthy, energetic” and “full of life,” but then everything changed.

Within 24 hours of getting her second “dose,” young Maddie was “reduced to crippling, scream-inducing pain that landed here in the emergency room where she described feeling like someone was ‘ripping [her] heart out through [her] neck.’”

Maddie’s health problems continued for months, causing her to have to be hospitalized several times with “numerous systemic injuries” which left her having to eat and take medicine through a tube. Maddie is also now bound to a wheelchair.

Stephanie took careful notes of everything her daughter suffered as a result of the Pfizer shots and reported it to the principal investigator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (CCH) where the trial took place. Their response? Maddie is “a mental patient” who is making it all up in her head. (RELATED: WATCH as Maddie’s mother testifies about how the Pfizer jab ruined her daughter.)

After CCH denied that the Pfizer injections caused Maddie’s health problems, her parents went to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Their response? Well, neither agency actually gave one.

“Ms. de Garay reported what occurred to the CDC and FDA through VAERS in June 2021 but nobody from these agencies sought additional information or followed-up with the de Garays,” reported Aaron Siri on his Substack blog.

“Ms. de Garay also reached out to Dr. Nath, a Chief in the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, who responded by stating he was ‘Sorry to hear of your daughter’s illness’ and that ‘We have certainly heard of a lot of cases of neurological complications form [sic] the vaccine and will be glad to share our experience with them.’”

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Colorado Safeway pharmacy manager QUITS over store intercom, says no more “poison” (covid vaccines) for customers

Safeway grocery store #1892 in Cortez, Colo., just lost its pharmacy manager because she no longer wants to administer “this poison,” referring to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” to customers.

According to reports, Nichole Belland took to the store’s intercom to announce that she is leaving her position for good because she can no longer in good conscience continue jabbing people with these “Operation Warp Speed” abominations they are calling “vaccines.”

“This is Nichole Belland, pharmacy manager for Safeway store at 1892 of Cortez,” Belland was heard saying over the intercom to a store full of surprised shoppers.

“I quit, effective immediately, because I will not give this poison to people. Wake up, everybody. This is poison. This is hurting people. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen customers die. Wake up, do not take it.”

If it came down to it, would you quit your job rather than harm others with covid jabs?

Steve Kirsh, the executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), got the chance to talk with Belland about what prompted her to leave her job in the dramatic way that she did.

It turns out that Belland had not worked at Safeway for several months prior to coming on the loudspeaker to make her announcement. Almost immediately after she was told by her supervisor that she would need to jab people with the “Operation Warp Speed” drugs, she decided to quit.

Belland was told at the time that she would have no choice but to administer the shots on demand, or else be fired from her position. She instead decided to go on temporary personal leave, but that was set to expire on October 15.

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America becomes North Korea: Re-education camps announced by the CDC, grocery stores display cardboard food printouts to hide bare shelves while Biden babbles

If you’re wondering whether America will plunge into a Venezuela-style financial collapse vs. a North Korea-style tyrannical authoritarian police state, it seems that the North Korea outcome is currently winning the race.

The CDC — Centers for Disease Creation — is now demanding that unvaccinated police and government workers be “forcibly re-educated” reports NewsPunch. It sounds like something ripped right out a soviet-era brainwashing and indoctrination plot:

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to force unvaccinated police and government workers to take “counseling” and lessons so that they change their minds about taking the shots.

“There is a plan, should these people not want to be vaccinated, towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated,” Walensky declared.

So if you disagree with the idea of being injected with a deadly, experimental cocktail that has likely already killed at least 250,000 Americans (source: Dr. Zev Zelenko), you are somehow in dire need of mental help, according to the CDC.

You are no longer allowed to have an informed, rational view based on available data. Your mental health will be challenged — and “corrected” — in order to conform to the delusions of the very State that’s trying to exterminate you.

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Video: Creepy Biden Advises Kids To Avoid Answering Difficult Questions

After groping them between his legs

Joe Biden, who has not held a real press conference for over 100 days, spoke to school children in New Jersey Monday and advised them on how they can avoid answering difficult questions just like he does on a daily basis.

Setting a blatantly awful example, Biden told kids at East End Elementary School in Plainfield “When you’re president, see all these people here? They’re with you all the time, they get to ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you’re gonna avoid answering them.”


Washington State Reps Warn Governor Just Got A “Blank Check” To Force Vaccine Mandates On ALL Private Businesses

Republican representatives in Washington State warned Monday that the Department or Labor and Industries (L&I) just handed an extension of emergency powers to Democrat Governor Jay Inslee, effectively allowing him to force vaccine mandates on all private businesses.

In a statement, Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) and Jesse Young (R-Gig Harbor) urged “This mandate from L&I demonstrates a complete lack of transparency, which dilutes public trust in our government and fails to show the agency’s good faith in promulgating the rule. The reality is this move by L&I is a blank check for the agency to enforce any of the Governor’s mandates or edicts on private employers.” 

“If L&I desires to make such a rule, it should do so in an open and transparent manner that allows public review and comment,” the reps continued, adding “Even if an opportunity for review and comment is not afforded the public, L&I’s website should host the proposed rulemaking to grant easy access to the public.”

“Furthermore, adopting such a broad, vague rule without clear direction will lead to arbitrary enforcement,” Walsh and Young further warned.

The reps also emphasised “There is no clear case for ‘good cause’ or ‘the preservation of the public health, safety, or general welfare’ as the governor’s proclamation already addresses these issues, making L&I’s mandate arbitrary and capricious.”

“We call on the governor to immediately repeal this mandate. If L&I wants to push this policy, it needs to go through the proper channels and work with the Legislature,” the statement concludes.

The warning follows a video posted by Walsh last week in which he demonstrated that he was being prevented from entering Capitol buildings in Olympia for not providing proof of vaccination:


Leaked Government Report Finds Vaccine Passports Could Actually Increase Spread of COVID

By forcing them to visit smaller, more poorly ventilated venues.

A leaked government report has found that vaccine passports could actually exacerbate the spread of COVID because they would encourage people to visit smaller, more poorly ventilated venues.

According to the report, compiled by the the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport [DCMS], introducing the scheme could actually have the opposite intended effect.

“If certification displaces some fans from structured and well ventilated sports stadia, this could lead to them attending unstructured and poorly ventilated pubs instead, where they will have access to more alcohol than if there were in the stadia,” states the report. “Evidence from the Euros showed spikes in cases associated with pubs even when England were playing abroad.”

“The policy would also slash turnover for the organisers of events required to use vaccine passports, and necessitate the hiring of thousands of new stewards which may be hard to deliver,” reports the Telegraph.

After Scotland tried to introduce vaccine passports, the process was called an “unmitigated disaster,” with staff at nightclubs receiving abuse and the technology repeatedly failing.

Many venues decided to close early and lost 40% of their footfall, illustrating once again how the scheme will put innumerable nightclubs that operate on a profit margin of 15% out of business for good.

Another example of how vaccine passports are largely useless is the fact that providing a negative test is no longer being offered as an option, despite the fact that the vaccinated can still transmit the virus.

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Video: John Oliver Attacks Cops For Resisting Vaccine Mandate; “If An Officer Wants To Quit, F**king Let Them”

Police who disagree with being forcibly medicated are “pathetic” and “sad” “hypocrites” according to HBO host

“Comedian” John Oliver once again used his HBO platform to shill for government vaccine mandates by verbally attacking police who are refusing to go along with forced medication, calling them “hypocrites” and saying that it’s good that the refuseniks are quitting their jobs.

As thousands of police are standing against the mandates and walking off the job, Oliver declared Sunday that “It is true that all over the country, a small number of police officers have received disproportionate coverage after threatening to resign over COVID mandates.”

“They framed this as a matter of individual liberty, even in cases where very little was being asked of them,” Oliver further proclaimed.

The British host then stated “There is also the key matter of fact that the police are supposed to keep the public safe. That is the point of their jobs,” reasoning further that those who refuse to get vaccinated “don’t seem to give much of a shit about that.”

He then cheaply invoked race in an asinine point, saying that “The constant refrain we hear from cops every time they kill an unarmed black person is ‘They should have complied with commands,’ because as long as you comply, things will supposedly go well. But that only seems to work one way.”

“When officers are asked to follow simple rules or face consequences, a not insignificant amount of them flip their shit,” Oliver barked, continuing “You know what, if an officer wants to quit over this, fucking let them.”

“Let the individuals who clearly don’t care about public safety stop being in charge of public safety. It’s really that simple,” Oliver continued, also describing cops filming themselves doing ‘walkie drops’ as “pathetic” and “sad”.


Oliver also personally attacked Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara after he urged officers not to comply with the mandates.

“Next time someone says to you, ‘Not all cops are bad,’ you can respond to them, ‘No… just their favorite ones,’” Oliver declared.


Re-Imposing COVID Restrictions Would Cost UK up to £18 Billion

Massive cost of ‘Plan B’ revealed.

Boris Johnson has been warned that any move to re-impose COVID restrictions would last until at least March 2022 and would cost the economy up to £18 billion pounds.

Public health technocrats, leftists and the media have been fearmongeirng about rising case numbers over the last week in an effort to pressure the government into putting measures, including mask mandates and ‘work from home’ orders, back into place.

This despite the fact that around half of the recorded cases are as a result of children returning to school and being mass tested.

Although COVID cases have dropped over the past four days, alarmists are still trying to lobby for new restrictions.

A report compiled by the Cabinet Office’s COVID-19 task force and the Treasury warns the British Prime Minister that any ‘Plan B’ to bring back measures would last until at least March 2022.

“An internal Treasury impact assessment seen by Playbook warned that moving to Plan B would cost the economy between £11 billion and £18 billion in the period up until March 2022 — or more than £800 million per week. The document warns the main hit will be on businesses as millions of people go back to working from home.”

The analysis also found that introducing vaccine passports would only cut transmission of the virus by 1-5 per cent but would cost businesses in the events sector between £1.4 billion and £2.3 billion.

Generally speaking, the analysis found that “officials are unable to advise ministers how beneficial (Plan B) would be in terms of preventing the spread of the virus,” meaning it would be negligible but come at great cost to the economy and jobs.

The government is still denying that it plans to re-impose COVID restrictions, although such promises have been made numerous times before, only for them to be reversed.

As we highlight in the video below, the same people whose erroneous predictions forced the UK into lockdown time and time again are back once more to peddle their hysteria.

Why is anyone still listening to them?